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Score Reporting


All teams are required to submit scores to GIMPWARE and MaxPreps after each game in order to confirm regular season records and manage postseason qualification.

GIMPWARE Instructions

  1. Once a contest has been completed, you may enter a result for that contest.
  2. Access the Schedule Page for a fall sport.
  3. Once the Schedule Page is shown, move the cursor to the W/L/T blue link for that contest. Click on the W/L/T link.
  4. A white box will pop up with W/L/T in the middle. W stands for Win, L for Loss and T for Tie.
  5. There is no default in the box below. Type in the appropriate letter - W for Win, L for Loss or T for Tie - into that box. Click OK.
  6. Another white box will pop up with Score: in the middle. Type the score of the contest into the box. Example: 22-14 Click OK.
  7. The Scheduler will immediately update the result. The W/L/T will be replaced by the contest result (a W, L or a T with a blue link) followed by the score in the next box in black type.
  8. NOTE: Schools must list the winning score first regardless of whether your school was the winner or the loser.
  9. In addition, please double-check the accuracy of the contest score itself. Remember, the results do show up on the Fan Page and our fans - and media - notice if one result is marked 22-14 and the other is marked 21-14.

MaxPreps Login Information

Visit and enter your email address to sign in, if needed. If you are not a member on MaxPreps, click on "Create an Account" under AD/Coach Account on the right and register to access your team information.

  • Select "Set up Admin Accounts" and enter your team's access code to link your account.
  • You are done! You will not need the access code to login in the future. You will enter your email and password to access your team information moving forward.
  • If you need your access code, please reach out to the MaxPreps Coach Support team at or 800-329-7324 x1.

Once you login, what do we need from you?

  1. UPDATE the coaches at your school
  2. CHECK to make sure all of your team's schedule/scores are up-to-date throughout the season

If you have any questions at all about MaxPreps or how to get started, please reach out MaxPreps Coach Support at 800-329-7324 x1 or email You can also reach out to Eric Frantz, PIAA District IV representative, at or 916-397-8600.

Circle W Sports Instructions

Please email Ed Weaver at