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This year the District IV Volleyball Tournament will start on Saturday, October 30. Williamson will be the host school for this year's District IV tournament. Under the current COVID-19 guidelines, masks will be required for ALL SPECTATORS.

Contact Information

Diana Barnes
Williamson High School
Tioga, PA 16946
Office: (814) 258-5644
Cell: (570) 404-2659
Fax: (570) 827-3557

Important Links

Past Championship Brackets

Playoff Format and Seeding

To enter District IV playoffs for the 2021 season, "A" and "AA" teams must have a .500 or better record or a power ranking higher than those teams that do to qualify for district play. Tournament play or pool play cannot be considered. We will be using the District IV power ranking system for seeding. Please make sure your school updates their scores in a timely manner.

All games must be completed by Thursday, October 28. The seeding will be done on Friday, October 29. Again, seeding will be done by following the power ranking system.

The playoff format will be the same as last year; best three out of five in head-to-head competitions with rally scoring. One team in AA and one team in A will advance to the state tournament. Please check the PIAA website for bracketing information.

Game Dates

"A" semi-final games will be played Saturday, October 30th.

"AA" quarterfinal games will be played Saturday, October 30 (if necessary).

"AA" semi-final games will be played Tuesday, November 2.

"A" and "AA" finals will be played Thursday, November 4.