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All teams participating in the District IV playoffs are invited to a luncheon meeting at the Villa in Williamsport on Monday, October 31 at Noon. The purpose of the meeting is to go over final details for the playoffs and provide information for hosting or participating in the tournament. This meeting is for the AD and Principal only.

Contact Information

Jim Zack
2000 West State St.
Coal Township, PA 17860
Cell: (570) 765-0079
Fax: (570) 648-2592

Important Links

Past Championship Brackets


Hometown Ticketing will be used for all games. All tickets will be $6.00. School Administration will be admitted free (Please provide a list to the site manager in advance).

District IV will cover the cost of Officials, PIAA Game Manager, Officials Observer, and Insurance.

The home team will be compensated at the following rates: A $900, 2A $950, 3A $1,000 and 4A $1,050. The Home Team is responsible for all workers including the chain crew. The Home Team determines what to pay their works and service providers. The Home Team is responsible for expenses or fees above the contracted amount.

The Home Team must submit a list of the Names, Duties, and Fees of all workers to the Game Manager along with a signed contract.

The Home Team will retain all profits from programs, concessions and 50/50s.

Teams that are unable to participate on the first date of their class's tournament due to COVID exposure will not be permitted to enter the tournament.

A team that qualifies for the tournament but must suspend its season due to Covid after the power ranking deadline will be eliminated.

General Information

Game Times

7:00 PM (night) and 1:00 PM (day). Time adjustments may be made by the District IV Football Chairman as needed to accommodate facility use and programming.

Postponement/Suspended Contests

The postponement and/or rescheduling of playoff games will be at the discretion of the District Football Chairman and the District IV Committee.

Any PIAA District IV Football playoff contest interrupted due to events beyond the control of District IV will be resumed at the point of suspension later that same day or the next playable day unless deemed an official contest by NFHS rule.


The HOME team will wear dark colored jerseys. The visiting team will wear their white jerseys.


All competing schools will trade tapes, DVDs, or on-line access to images of their last three (3) games played.

Team Warm-up

Warm-up period prior to the game will be limited to one (1) hour beginning 90 minutes prior to kick-off. All teams must leave the field 30 minutes prior to the game and return 10 minutes before game time.

Coin Toss

At 30 minutes prior to game time the officials will call one team captain, the head coach, and administrators from both teams together for the coin toss and the reading off the PIAA sportsmanship message. The visiting team will call the toss.

Tie Games

If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, overtime shall be used until a winner is declared. The tie-breaking procedure shall follow National Federation Rules unless amended by the PIAA.


Medals will be provided for members of the championship team and the runner up. Medals WILL NOT be presented on the field following the championship games. Immediately following the completion of each championship game, a team trophy will be presented on the field to the champion. Each team will receive 50 individual medals.


The District IV Officials Rep will assign game officials. The District will assign seven (7) officials for each game.


Liability insurance is provided through the PIAA. Each school is responsible for extending their individual student accident insurance to cover injuries.

Official Football

The official game ball for all District and PIAA football games is the Wilson GST 1003. Each team participating is required to bring and use the GST or other Wilson NFHS approved footballs for all District playoff games.