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PIAA District IV Football Post-Season Info


Enclosed, you will find a copy of the 2023 PIAA District IV football playoff regulations. Please share this with your principal and football coach. You must notify Mr. Jim Zack by Friday, October 13, 2023, if your school does not wish to be considered for post-season football competition. Those schools not notifying the District IV Committee will be expected to participate in the District IV tournament. Failure to do so will bring disciplinary action from the committee.

Contact Information

Jim Zack
2000 West State St.
Coal Township, PA 17860
Cell: (570) 765-0079
Fax: (570) 648-2592

The inter-district playoff format will be used to determine which teams will advance to the state finals. The District IV playoffs will begin the weekend of November 3 and 4 with the district championship game for 1A, 2A and 3A scheduled the weekend of November 17 and 18. For 4A, the championship game will be held the weekend of November 10 and 11. The first inter-district game will be played the weekend of November 17 and 18. Due to the number of playoff teams and shortage of officials, games will be scheduled for Saturday.

All teams participating in the District IV playoffs will be invited to attend a meeting at The Villa in Williamsport on Monday, October 30, 2023 at 11:00 a.m. The purpose of the meeting is to go over final details for the playoffs and provide items for hosting or participating in the tournament.

Playoff Format

Football play-offs will be conducted in District IV senior high schools in four classifications for the 2023-2024 school year. Williamsport is a 6A school and will participate in the District XI tournament if it qualifies. Placement of schools has been decided by enrollment figures from the PIAA.


2023 Quarterfinals – 10th playing weekend November 3 and 4
3A, 2A and 1A #1 team plays #8 team, #2 team plays #7 team
#3 team plays #6 team, #4 team plays #5 team

2032 Semi-finals – 11th playing weekend November 10 and 11
Winner #1 and #8 plays winner of #4 and #5
Winner #2 and #7 plays winner of #3 and #6

2023 Finals – 12th playing date November 17 and 18

2023 Semi-finals
4A #1 team plays #4 team, #2 team plays #3 team November 3 and 4

2023 Finals November 10 and 11

  • Hosting schools are responsible for all workers, a list of names, duty and fees must be submitted to the Game Manager.
  • A set fee will be paid to the host school in a single check for the amount determined by District IV based on average cost by classification. Site may request additional compensation for extra security to be approved by the Football Committee.
  • All teams must provide their own trainer.
  • PIAA will provide a Contest Site Lease Agreement in advance to the hosting team to cover the cost of insurance and liability and fees for running the game.
  • Any profits from Livestreaming from outside sources, such as TV, radio, web, etc. are the property of PIAA District IV.
  • District IV passes will be the only accepted passes for entry into contests.

Games not played due to COVID exposure will be considered NO CONTEST. If a team's opponent for a scheduled game cannot play due to COVID it may schedule a replacement game. The results of the replacement game will count for power ratings, provided it is against a PIAA member school and is played prior to the power ranking deadline.

Teams that are unable to participate on the first date of their class's tournament due to Covid exposure will not be permitted to enter the tournament.

A team that qualifies for the tournament but must suspend its season due to Covid after the power ranking deadline will be eliminated.

Game Times

Starting time for a single game played at night is 7:00 p.m. A single game played in the afternoon will begin at 1:00 p.m. All teams will be expected to play on the date and time established by District IV. Changes will only be granted for unplayable fields determined by District IV or mechanical failure or fields without lights. In such cases, the Football Chairman reserves the right to move the contest to a neutral site, to the lower seeded team’s field for an alternative date.

Game Sites

The game site for each game will be at the home of the highest ranked team provided facilities are adequate (weather permitting) as determined by District IV. The District Committee will determine all game managers. The selected site will provide the following personnel and equipment:

  • Facilities manager
  • Security/police
  • Ticket Scanners
  • P.A. system and announcer
  • Ambulance service and Trainer
  • Lockers and dressing rooms
  • Scoreboard operator
  • Clock operator
  • Field markers and chains
  • Other required facilities

Cancellation and/or Postponement

The cancellation, postponement and/or rescheduling of a playoff game will be at the discretion of the District Chairman and the football committee.


The host school or organization shall be responsible for the operation of the concession stand and shall retain all profits.

District IV shall assume the responsibility of preparing a program. The host school shall arrange for the sale of and retain any profits from the programs.

Game Balls

The District IV Committee will provide each team a National Federation approved Wilson GST football that must be used for all games.


The home team will wear a dark colored jersey. The visiting team will wear a light colored jersey.


The rankings (ratings) shall be used to determine the first round host district in any region or sub-region contest involving member school teams under the jurisdiction of different district committees.

Subsequent round contests involving member school teams under the jurisdiction of different district committees shall be played at a site approved by the Executive Director or his designee.

Contest officials assigned to any region or sub-region contest involving member school teams under the jurisdiction of different district committees shall be approved by the Executive Director or his designee.

Changes of Schedule

Games scheduled by PIAA member schools after the first official playing date shall not be considered for championship honors for that season. Except in the event of a jointure or other reorganization of schools, consummated before opening of the regular school year. A school or schools so involved will be given time up to and including the second playing week of the season to readjust its schedule. Any schedule adjustments must meet the approval of the PIAA District IV Committee before the games shall be considered for play-off ratings.

Cancellation of a bona fide game contract shall not jeopardize or affect the championship eligibility of the offended team or any other team.

When a regular season game is postponed, the home school shall notify the District IV Football Chairman within the week of postponement when the postponed game is to be played. If the chairman of football is not notified or if the game is not played, the Football Chairman shall notify the District IV Chairman who will notify the said schools to schedule a meeting of the District IV Committee with the schools and after such hearing the decision of the District IV Committee shall be final.

When a PIAA District IV member school or member schools cancel a scheduled game, except with the approval of the District IV Committee, such member school or schools shall be subject to suspension from all PIAA play-offs in all sports for a period of one year.


All band members in uniform of both participants will be admitted free and will be designated an area by the facilities manager. Only that number of members in each band who participate throughout the season will be allowed. No joint junior high/middle school and senior high bands will be permitted. With the exception of the band directors, all non-uniformed band personnel must have tickets. Prior arrangements as to the number of members in the band must be made with the game manager to reserve sufficient space.

The designated home team band will occupy the field prior to game time for a maximum of 20 minutes and must be off the field no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the game: 6:50pm for a 7:00pm game, or 12:50pm for a 1:00pm game. The visitors team band will occupy the field during half-time of the game and will arrange its program not to exceed 10 minutes, which will include being completely off the field.

The home team band will be responsible for the playing of the National Anthem. School bands are encouraged to perform unless weather conditions are such that they will damage the field.

Introduction of Players

Eleven (11) players from each school will be introduced. Schools have the option of either introducing the starting offensive or defensive team. Team spotters should have this information and give it to the announcer 10 minutes prior to game time. Each school will designate a spotter to work in conjunction with the game manager.

Banners, Signs, Listening Devices, and Team Box Decorum

Both the presence and use of balloons, towels, siren, whistles, and portable listening devices (without earphones) are prohibited. The Principal and athletic Director of each school will be requested to confiscate these items from the spectators from their school and community. Small portable listening devices with earphones and stationery banners and signs, which are sportsmanship in their messages are permitted. Principals and Athletic Directors of competing schools shall announce and publicize these regulations.

The Principal, Athletic Director, coaches, team physician, team trainers, players in uniform, managers, ball holders, and statisticians will be the only persons permitted in the team box.


All media with proper identification will be admitted free. It will be the media's responsibility to contact the facilities manager for any arrangements.

Radio / TV


  • 1A & 2A games - $100
  • 3A & 4A games - $150

Television Fee, Video Web Casting and Streaming

Delayed Telecast

  • 1A & 2A - $200.00
  • 3A & 4A - $300.00

The telecast may not be aired until at least 12 hours following the completion of the game.

  • Non-School Live 1A & 2A games - $1,500.00
  • Non-School Live 3A & 4A games - $2,000.00
  • School Live 1A & 2A games - $400.00
  • School Live 3A & 4A games - $600.00


Players, coaches, trainers, equipment managers, etc. will be admitted without tickets. All must be identified by the coach.

Varsity football cheerleaders in uniform will be admitted free of charge. Chaperone/coach will be admitted with the cheerleaders.

Administration from each school will be admitted free to all contest.

Admission Fees

All tickets will be $6.00 online through Home Town Ticketing.


Each school participating will be allowed to record its play-off games, making prior arrangements with the facilities manager.

Team Warm-Up

Practice sessions at the designated game site will not be permitted prior to the date of the game. Warm-up period prior to the game shall be limited to (1) hour. Teams may be on the field no sooner than 1 ½ hours prior to the start of the game. All teams must leave the field 30 minutes prior to the game and return 10 minutes before the game.

Coin Toss

Thirty minutes before game time the officials will call the team captains together at one end of the field for the coin toss. The visiting team will call the toss. Three minutes before game time, the officials and captains will meet at mid-field to reenact the coin toss.

Ties (according to National Federation rules)

If the score is tied at the end of the regulation play, overtime shall be used until a winner is declared. After a three-minute rest period, each team will put the ball in play from the 10-yard line with four downs to score. This procedure continues until one team out scores the other after each team had an opportunity to score.


The District IV Committee will assign game officials. There will be seven (7) officials for each game.


Each school is responsible for providing their individual student participants with accident and/or other coverage for injuries.

Property Damage

If property damage is done at a play-off site by competing schools, student body or spectator, to the physical facilities and/or equipment, the school itself (that caused the damage) shall be liable and pay the cost of repair or replacement. Other damages to facilities not attributed to competing schools could be legitimate play-off expense and deducted from play-off receipts.


Fifth (50) medals will be presented to the championship and runner-up teams.