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2017 NTL Small School Football All-Stars announced

2017 NTL Small School Football All-Stars announced

By: Ed Weaver | NTL Sports | December 19, 2017 | Photo courtesy Brian Fees

The Northern Tier League announced their 2017-18 Small School Division Football All-Star teams on Tuesday, December 19.

Coach of the Year: Sean Tetreault, Muncy; Paul Bozella, Montgomery

Player of the Year: Hunter Budman, Montgomery

Offensive Player of the Year: John Binder, CMVT

Defensive Player of the Year: Hunter Poust, Muncy

Lineman of the Year: Hunter Poust

First Team Selections


Quarterback - Trevor Welsh, CMVT

Running Backs - Colby Alpaugh, Muncy; Hunter Budman, Montgomery; Sevon King, CMVT

Wide Receivers - John Binder, CMVT; Matt Barber, Cowanesque Valley

Tight End - Kolby Moyer, Muncy

Offensive Line - Hunter Poust, Muncy; Geno McCarty, Sayre; Caleb Hurd, Cowanesque Valley; Nick Pryor, Montgomery; Noah Eshenaur, Montgomery

Kicker - Nate Paisley, Muncy

Versatility - Colby Alpaugh, Muncy


Defensive Line - Larry Bilyeu, Muncy; Noah Eshenaur, Montgomery; Hunter Poust, Muncy; Daniel Beckley, Montgomery

Linebackers - Mike Kustanbauter, Muncy; Rhyle Strausbaugh, Montgomery; Isaiah Firestine, Sayre; Nate Garrity, Sayre

Defensive Backs - Coleman Good, Muncy; Thomas Shadle, Cowanesque Valley; Jensen Drick, Montgomery; Logan Long, Bucktail; Gage Carnike, Sayre

Punter - Nate Paisley, Muncy

Second Team Selections


Quarterback - Coleman Good, Muncy

Running Back - Mike Kustanbauter, Muncy

Wide Receivers - Gage Carnike, Sayre; Jensen Drick, Montgomery

Tight End - Brandon Paul, Cowanesque Valley

Offensive Line - Larry Bilyeu, Muncy; Jacob Whitaker, Muncy; Brandon Northrup, Sayre; Jake Ressler, Sayre; Alex Hans, Montgomery

Kicker - Rhyle Strausbaugh, Montgomery

Versatility - Hunter Budman, Montgomery


Defensive Line - Caleb Hurd, Cowanesque Valley; Eithan Marino, Montgomery; Zach Belles, Sayre; Hudson Werner, Montgomery

Linebackers - Donovan Diehl, Muncy; Cole Gruver, Cowanesque Valley; Alex Cox, Cowanesque Valley; Nick Pryor, Montgomery

Defensive Backs - Colby Alpaugh, Muncy; Matt Barber, Cowanesque Valley; Trevor Kennedy, Montgomery

Punter - Eithan Marino, Montgomery


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